Basics of Subsystems

Basics of Subsystems (QCTL, QSPL, QBATCH)

Let's get back to the basics. These sessions are designed for anyone starting out as an IBM i system admin, looking to refresh their knowledge, or looking to learn more.

In this session we will:

  • Discuss the type of work that gets handled by these subsystems

  • How do jobs enter QCTL, QSPL, and QBATCH

  • How to customize the shipped versions of these subsystems to support your operating environment


Presented by Marc Vadeboncoeur
Systems Engineer
iTech Solutions

Marc has been in the IBM midrange world since 1984 when he started fresh out of college working on the IBM i’s grandfather, the System/38, as a software developer and systems analyst.  He has progressed through his career with a dual focus on both business systems software design/development and IBM i technical expertise.  He has extensive experience working in manufacturing and healthcare environments where IBM i was the core organizational technology, and recently served as the Director of Information Technology for a publicly traded manufacturing firm based in Southern New England.

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