Basics of Tape Libraries 

Basics of Tape Libraries


Let's get back to the basics. These sessions are designed for anyone starting out as an IBM i system admin, looking to refresh their knowledge, or looking to learn more.

In this session we will cover:
1.) Tape library use:
     Save and Restore operations
     Archival and Retrieval operations
     Spool archiving.
2) Tape library connectivity and configuring:
     SCSI (SAS)
3) Tape library media and cartridge:
4.) The difference between tape libraries and stand alone, sequential and random mode.



Presented by Chris Flick
Systems Engineer
iTech Solutions


Chris Flick has been working with the AS/400, iSeries, IBM i since its inception in 1988, and the predecessor mid-range systems (S/3, S/34, S/36, and S/38).  Having performed every aspect of this platform, from hardware to software, installation to maintenance, development and database, implementations and conversions, focusing on systems administration and technical support. He has held numerous consulting, management, and technical positions throughout his career, nationally and internationally, with having worked in Accounting for 3 years and IT for over 35 years. Worked at IBM Rochester in the IBM i Global Support Center.  Chris has a BS in Accounting from Missouri State University, and BS in Information Systems from Washington University in St. Louis. 


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