The Basics of Saving Things on IBM i  

Basics of Saving Things on IBM i

Let's get back to the basics. These sessions are designed for anyone starting out as an IBM i system admin, looking to refresh their knowledge, or looking to learn more.

In this session we'll discuss: 

Attend this session to gain a fundamental perspective on how to save all kinds of things on IBM i like tables, libraries, configuration descriptions, etc.  We’ll cover the various commands used to save different kinds of objects, types of save devices to use like tape, virtual tape, save files, etc., and how to save your entire system using an unattended batch program approach.  After attending this session you’ll have a solid basic understanding of what needs to be saved on IBM i and the various techniques/approaches to doing those saves.




Presented by Marc Vadeboncoeur
iTech Solutions


Marc has been in the IBM midrange world since 1984 when he started fresh out of college working on the IBM i’s grandfather, the System/38, as a software developer and systems analyst. He has progressed through his career with a dual focus on both business systems software design/development and IBM i technical expertise. He has extensive experience working in manufacturing and healthcare environments where IBM i was the core organizational technology, and recently served as the Director of Information Technology for a publicly traded manufacturing firm based in Southern New England.

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