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ACS Setup and the
Power of .Properties
Presented by Nathan Williams

 Join us for a showing of a previously recorded session with Live Q&A.

ACS Setup and the Power of .Properties

Nathan will go over ACS installation and customization using various methods to manipulate the user interface.

The focus will be on tailoring the software for user groups with different functional needs.

Along the way, we’ll delve into the mysteries of the file and how to maintain it, as well as discuss ways to secure it.





Presented by Nathan Williams

IBM i System Administrator
iTech Solutions


Nathan has over 20 years of professional experience using, administering, and supporting IS technology and over 18 years of experience with IBM Systems. Previously employed at companies such as Avis and AOL, Nathan had a combined 14 years of experience using and administering IBM systems, 17 years of experience in a customer support/service role, and 13 years in the telecommunications industry when he joined the iTech team. At iTech Solutions, Nathan provides support in System administration, OS upgrades, system migrations, HMC and SAN configuration and upgrades, and maintains our PTF catalog.

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