Securing all systems in an organization has never been more important. This session will focus on the quality assurance discipline of Security Testing and  the components that need to be accounted for to ensure your system is protected. We will discuss how to analyze and organize testing for Piracy, Malicious code, denial of service, reading of data, breaking encryption, logic bombs (virus and worms), and cross site scripting.


yvonne_itechYvonne Enselman
Director of Professional Services
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Yvonne Enselman is the Director of Professional Services at iTech Solutions and she is based in Chicago, IL. She started working with the IBM i Platform (AS/400, iSeries) in 1996 holding positions including programmer/analyst, B2B coordination, and instructor. Since 2005, she has focused on quality assurance and project management bringing certifications in these areas to the technical disciplines of the traditional IBM i professional. She is a passionate advocate of the system, volunteering in a myriad ways such as serving as a director for professional associations (COMMON, OMNI), speaking, writing, blogging, teaching, and mentoring.