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IBM i Disaster Recovery
Tuesday, July 13th

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On July 13th, we'll be hosting 3 different 1-hour workshops that will help you
develop a solid IBM i Disaster Recovery Plan.

As we enter the summer and fall months, we're more likely to experience weather that can cause
outages, damage, and more. Not only that — but cyber attacks are at an all-time high,
and you simply can't know what will happen.

What you can expect:

  • Each workshop will have a limit of no more than 10 people to make sure we're able to have an interactive and personal experience that can cater to you.

  • We'll provide guidance material to enhance your experience and provide information to help you make decisions when it comes to your Disaster Recovery.

  • Workshops are completely free of charge. The insight you'll gain may just save you thousands of dollars, making you look like a superhero.

IBM i Disaster Recovery Workshop Graphic

How this will work:


Complete Workshop
Prep Sheet

After you pre-register below, we'll send
you a link to a Workshop Prep Sheet.

This Prep Sheet will help us understand
your needs and place you in one of three workshops that will fit your environment.


Get assigned to your
customized workshop

Once your submit your prep sheet,
we'll review your submission and assign
you to one of three workshops that will most fit your needs/environment.


Receive your joining details

All workshops will be on Tuesday, July 13th. Once we have your prep sheet and assign you to a workshop, we'll send you your exact 1- hour time slot for that day.

We'll also send you your guidance material for the workshop.