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Automated IBM i Status Reporting
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What is VERIFi?

Delivered via email, VERIFi places the information you need to manage your machine at your fingertips.

VERIFi is an iTech Solutions offering that will give you a weekly report of all your IBM i partitions, including items such as PTF and OS currency, your last SAVSYS and IPL, important end of service dates, and processor and user license compliance.

VERIFi Security Advisor delivers a semi-monthly security overview and forecast, including system values, audit journal, invalid password attempts, encryption, user profile security, and more. 


VERIFi actually SAVES you money! It would cost more than $5 per week in resources to collect the data.

  • VERIFi is delivered right to your inbox with a snapshot of your data

  • Keep all 52 weeks of reporting to see your progress

  • Observe current IBM i and FSP PTF levels and raises a

    flag if you’re not up to date

  • Monitor disk growth

  • Great for auditing!

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What is VERIFi Security Advisor?

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Options for VERIFi

VERIFi Weekly Status Reporting

  • Covers processor and user license compliance
  • Important dates like IBM End of Service for your machine
  • Your partitions’ last SAVSYS and IPL
  • Your PTF and OS currency
  • Detailed statistics section of a last 7 days running to help identify potential problems before they start

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VERIFi Security Advisor

  • This is a proactive overview of your system's security 
  • Semi-monthly security overview and forecasting
  • An annual one-hour advisory session with an iTech representative
  • Includes system values, audit journal, invalid password attempts, encryption, user profile security, and more.

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  • VERIFi Weekly Status reporting and VERIFi Security Advisor combined
  • Full weekly status reports on processor and user license compliance, important dates, last SAVSYS and IPL, PTF and OS Currency, and detailed weekly statistics
  • Full semi-monthly security overview and annual advisory session on items like system values, audit journal, password attempts, encryption, profile security, and more

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How VERIFi Works


VERIFi lives in a library called ITECHSTATS. 

VERIFi will create two job schedule entries in the standard IBM i job scheduler and are set to run each morning at 6 AM local time. One will allow VERIFi to update itself and the other will push statistical data to iTech Solutions' reporting servers.

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