What You Need to
Know About IBM i 7.4
An eBook by Pete Massiello

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Get a full understanding of the new features and functions of IBM i 7.4.

IBM i 7.4 contains some of the biggest enhancements ever put out by IBM for
OS/400 or IBM i.

Untitled design (25)So, what do all the new IBM i 7.4 enhancements mean? What do you need to know to prepare to upgrade? In this eBook, Pete Massiello gives a complete overview of the OS and what you can expect now, and in the future.

This eBook will cover:

  • Details and explanation of DB2 Mirror for IBM i
  • The IBM i OS roadmap and what you can expect for the future
  • Security Enhancements 
  • Java Releases 
  • Additional noteworthy enhancements